The FEELed Lab yard with tall trees and a gravel driveway with the word craft-a-strophe across in cut out magazine letters

[from craft: making, doing + strophe: part of a poem]
Where crafting, poetry, and climate change come together.

WHEN: Tuesday, April 4, 9-11 AM

WHERE: Woodhaven EcoCulture Centre

WHAT: Join us at the FEELed Lab for a morning of FEELed Lab merch-making and tar sands-related poem reading. We will supply coffee, poems, and materials if you bring your hands, brains, and voices. If you like, you can bring a t-shirt, tote, or fabric patch to screen print on too.

The Poems:

Warren Cariou, ‘Tarhands: A Messy Manifesto‘, (Imaginations, 3.2, 2012)

Jeannette Armstrong, ‘Three Line Poems‘, (TransCanadiana 8, 2016)

Moving from British Columbia to Northern Alberta, these poetic explorations by Armstrong and Cariou consider the place and movement of oil in Indigenous territories and Canadian economies. They invite readers to consider the lines that connect and divide us to/from one another, as well as the (pipe)lines that facilitate our dependence on this slippery substance. We invite you to read these short texts ahead of the session and come ready to think, chat and make together.

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