Unanticipated intimacies

On 18 March a small group of FEELed Labbers gathered online to read Quill Christie Peters’ essay “Kwe becomes the moon, touches herself so she can feel full again” – as always, out loud and together. It is a very sexy text, but not in a straightforward way. It is also challenging It took us… Continue reading Unanticipated intimacies

Elsewhere Participant Isabel Val: Thaw

[41.869513, 2.650965] My name is Isabel and I am an artist from and currently based in Barcelona. This weekend I took the opportunity to conduct a very intimate Fringe Natures event while visiting my mum. She lives in Santa Coloma the Farners. This town is located in a region called “La Selva” (The rainforest) due… Continue reading Elsewhere Participant Isabel Val: Thaw