Littoral Listening 2021-2022: in practice, an archive

In 2021 the FEELed Lab started a semi-regular, online convening of interested folks from different and same time zones. The idea was to have a reading group that would prioritize listening and ask little preparation of participants. We named this gathering Littoral Listening, calling on the land/water transition space for inspiration.

Fringe Natures #8: Lichen Love (What’s your commitment?)

Although the FEELed Labbers are mostly on summer rest, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to join forces with FCCS 2090 (no, that is not a typo) Woodhaven Artist-in-Residence, Tessa Zettel, to conjure up a bit of lichen love. Tessa was visiting sylix territories on behalf of the T. Rudzenskaite Memorial Amateur Lichenologists Society, which has… Continue reading Fringe Natures #8: Lichen Love (What’s your commitment?)