The FEELed Lab is a collaborative and interdisciplinary environmental humanities field lab located on unceded Syilx territory in Kelowna, BC.

2022 Workshops

23-31 May 2022: Listening, Attuning: FEH Summer Intensive
13 May 2022:
FIRE + WATER: Creative and Critical Perspectives from the Okanagan Watershed and Beyond
12 March 2022: Woodhaven Traditional Knowledge/ Land Use Gathering and Circle

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Listening, Attuning

What does listening hold?What holds listening? How might listening be an act of compassion, a notice of refusal, a way to learn what is enough?How can we attune though bodies, extended in and across other bodies of difference? From 23 May – 1 June 2022, the FEELed Lab convened the first (hopefully annual!) Feminist Environmental… Continue reading Listening, Attuning

An orange coffee cup next to a pile of green pulled weeds

Seeding, weeding

When planning the most recent Fringe Natures session for the first Friday in May, we anticipated being deep into burstings and proliferations of the planty kind. It seems, however, that the seasonal turns here on unceded syilx lands have resonating with the FEELed Lab’s wish to go slowly and take our time with things –… Continue reading Seeding, weeding


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The FEELed Lab is supported by the Canada Research Chair in Feminist Environmental Humanities, working across the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the UBC Okanagan.