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The FEELed Lab is a collaborative and interdisciplinary feminist environmental humanities field lab located on unceded syilx territory in Kelowna, BC.

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without end

This FEELed Note is the fifth in a series written by Natalie Rice, the FEELed Lab Researcher in/of/on Place this year. “I want the forest before the book, the abundance of leaves before the pages, I love the creation as much as the created, no, more,” writes Hélène Cixous. I recently spent a week close…

Weathering my short stay at the FEELed Lab

This FEELed Note is by Jennifer Mae Hamilton, Visiting Researcher at the FEELed Lab January-February 2023, and ongoing FEELed Lab Research Affiliate. I am an academic based on Anaiwan Country in Australia, a small city called Armidale halfway between Sydney and Brisbane. The city is inland on high country tablelands. It is in some ways…

Planthuman reflections

This FEELed Note is a reflection by Research Associate Olga Koroleva, who curated our Littoral Listening session #9 on Planthuman, on 13 January 2023. As always, we met online for 1.5 hrs to read our selected texts (on wormwood) together and out loud, and then offer our reflections to one another so that they might…


This FEELed Note is the fourth in a series written by Natalie Rice, the FEELed Lab Researcher in/of/on Place this year. + + + “Every time you step into the river you change it,” says artist Susan Derges who uses river and moonlight to expose images on photographic paper. During her creation process, she began…


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The FEELed Lab is supported by the Canada Research Chair in Feminist Environmental Humanities, working across the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the UBC Okanagan.