The FEELed Lab is a collaborative and interdisciplinary environmental humanities field lab located on unceded Syilx territory in Kelowna, BC.

2022 Workshops

23-31 May 2022: Listening, Attuning: FEH Summer Intensive
13 May 2022:
FIRE + WATER: Creative and Critical Perspectives from the Okanagan Watershed and Beyond
12 March 2022: Woodhaven Traditional Knowledge/ Land Use Gathering and Circle

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Fire & Water: the first?

A gathering of trees welcomed a recombinant collective of knowledge keepers, volunteers, poets, players, thinkers, practitioners, participants, painters, deer, documentarians, story tellers, learners, teachers, the sound of spring freshet, clouds, and a fire–drenched eventually, for safety.

A bright green skunk cabbage with a muddy and grassy background

Unanticipated intimacies

On 18 March a small group of FEELed Labbers gathered online to read Quill Christie Peters’ essay “Kwe becomes the moon, touches herself so she can feel full again” – as always, out loud and together. It is a very sexy text, but not in a straightforward way. It is also challenging It took us… Continue reading Unanticipated intimacies

A Land care conversation

On Saturday March 12th the sky above the Okanagan valley drizzled water. Meanwhile, the FEELed Lab convened a gathering with the intent to set to simmer conversations of caring for and with the Land that makes possible all that we do and are here. This event was orchestrated by Pamela, Jasmine, and Grouse Barnes, syilx… Continue reading A Land care conversation


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The FEELed Lab is supported by the Canada Research Chair in Feminist Environmental Humanities, working across the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the UBC Okanagan.