Meet the Lab

Head shot of a woman with short grey hair that is long at the top. They have bold, dark, square glasses and a small smile on their face. She is wearing an orange floral print shirt. There is the edge of a bookshelf and a triangular window in the background.

Astrida Neimanis

FEELed Lab Director & Canada Research Chair in Feminist Environmental Humanities, UBC Okanagan

Astrida (she/they/pronoun anarchy, pronounced us-TREE-duh) is a white settler, born on Dish-With-One-Spoon treaty territory (in Hamilton, Ont), whose ancestors come from the Baltic Sea region of Northern Europe. She writes, researches, teaches and collaborates in relation to water, weather, bodies and feminisms, among other tangled environmental matters. She joined UBC Okanagan in 2021 after living and working for six years on Gadigal land, in Sydney Australia, at the University of Sydney.

A head shot of a woman with short wavy brown hair. She has a soft smile and the sun is shining on the left side of her face. There are trees in the background. She is wearing a jacket with an indistinct pattern of brown, black, and purple spots.

Madeline Donald

FEELed Lab Research Associate

Madeline is supporting the recurring launches and L/landings of the FEELed Lab. She does this while working on a PhD project that is grounded in relational research methodologies, saturated by the riparian habitats of the Okanagan watershed, and leaning ethnoecologically. In her research Madeline is interested in the interaction possibilities that humans perceive in relation with plants in their quotidian environments. This is a process of coming to understand how fields of perceived interaction possibilities, or landscapes of (botanical) affordances, structure and are structured by assertions of value.

A head shot of  a softly smiling woman against an indistinct room in the background. The sun is shining from the right of the frame on wavy auburn hair. She is wearing a black shirt with a multicoloured scarf tied around her neck.

Dani Pierson

FEELed Lab Administrator

Dani (she/her) is an undergraduate student majoring in Gender Studies at UBC Okanagan, assisting the FEELed Lab with administrative tasks. She is Metis/Dane-zaa (Beaver)/Cree/Settler from Treaty Eight territory (Northern Alberta). She has a background in arts and entertainment management and loves it when this experience collides with feminist humanities work.

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