Researcher Profile: Irene Trejo

With so many new faces around the lab, we wanted to make space for longer introductions to the research affiliates who are convening this year’s events. Our first profile is on Irene Trejo, who is convening Littoral Listening #8 on December 13.

1. Can you tell us about your work/research?
My work focuses on the investigation of relational practices, ecosomatics, sound, and poetry. It worries about trying to understand our interaction with other bodies of water (and all bodies). And what lives within them to understand better what affects all life forms in their different contexts. Due to its permeability water teaches us about affection, acceptance, hosting, limits, union and coexistence, difference, possibility, memory, and so much more… My research slowly moves on to drifts of practice, interpretation, and translation of relations and feeling among liquid ecotones – ecotones are spaces of transition, tension and surprise. This is with the objective of leaving behind a transdisciplinary hydroarchive based on feeling, focusing on working with expanded sound.  

2. Why did you want to work with the FEELed Lab?
Hydrofeminism and deep ecology are the pillars of a project I have been watering – Fluid Ecotonalism. Understanding how life on this planet functions and behaves, as well as its interactions in and with the Earth as a macroorganism, we can contribute to its complex “strategy” of constant blossoming. I feel we share this feeling, of wanting to contribute to life in communion, acknowledging the sometimes painful and most of the times uncomfortable process for this to continue within its natural malleability. 

3. Why are expansive, transnational engagements with environmental issues important? 
Because we are all interdependent, even further than matter. 

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