Fringe Natures

“Fringe Natures” is the name of an occasional series of outdoor, in-person events hosted by FEELed Lab that ask us to pay attention to who we are, where we are, and what the heck we think we are doing here.

All FEELed Lab events strive to be feminist, anticolonial, queer, and accessible spaces.

Beginning with Fringe Natures #4: THAW, all fringe natures events offer an option for remote and accessible participation! Details are included at the botton of each Fringe Natures announcement. If you are participating from elsewhere, we encourage you to send us note to tell us how it went! We will include your reflections, as well as photo, video, or sound recording documentation in a “FEELed Notes” post!



28 July 2022: Lichen Love
20 June 2022:
Fuzzy willow up close with branches and a blue sky in the background
6 May 2022:
Bright green asparagus fern
1 April 2022:
A row of small icicles hanging on a snow drift above rocks and flowing water
4 March 2022:
28 January 2022:
The Waking Edge
Black poster for Fringe Natures Two. It has a bonfire with sparks flying up and orange text.
3 December 2021: Alongside the dark
Green poster for the First Fringe Natures event. It has a blue center and green text.
22 October 2021:
A walkshop in case you wanted to save the planet
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