Littoral Listening

Let us read separately and together.

Littoral listening is our monthly online listening group. It is also a reading group, but since we will spend most of our time there listening to others, we invite you to think about it more as a listening space. How do our reading group practices change when we turn our focus to listening?



Purple flowers with branches and grass in the background
27 May 2022:
A bright green skunk cabbage with a muddy and grassy background
18 March 2022:
Sex Ecologies
A chrysalis laying in brown grass
18 February 2022:
Brown and grey twisting branches centered with trees and foliage unfocused in the background
21 January 2022:
Up close shot of a pond with long yellow leafy grass falling into the water in the bottom right corner. There is a reflection of trees in the water and more grassy plants under water.
5 November 2021:
“In case you wanted
to save the planet…”
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