Littoral Listening #9: PLANTHUMAN

a field of sage green wormwood (a tall and skinny plant with delicate small, round multitudinous buds or leaves that sprout out close to the stalk)
Wormwood (courtesy of Olga Koroleva)

I am tempted, by way of an introduction to this session, to suggest that we have always been planthuman.

The planthuman is a curious being found in these texts-as-weaving-of-narratives in the self-intoxicated states having either convinced themselves they are under the influence of the plant, or giving into the realisation of own inadequacy. Where does one tendril end and the next one begin? Day-dreaming, imagining my mind-body-emotion recycled into a feast of nutrients, I do my best to keep to up my plant-practice: to live- and work-with living plants towards a future where, if only indeed, the planthuman could photosynthesise.

In this session we’ll read texts on wormwood by Carl Gent and Ros Gray, with Amitav Ghosh and nutmeg in tow if we have the time and energies permit.

WHEN: Friday 13 January 9 -10:30 AM PST

Where: Zoom 

CONVENED BY: Olga F. Koroleva (UK)


  1. homeoteleuton i (Carl Gent) and strangling the parrot (Ros Gray). From Felon Herb. Ed. Carl Gent. London: Kelder Press, 2021.


  1. Amitav Ghosh, The Nutmeg’s Curse. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2021.
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