The Lab

Image of two dark brown hills overlapping at the end of a glassy lake

The FEELed Lab began, softly, in the summer of 2021, as an idea to create a place for thinking with and about environmental change from specifically feminist, anticolonial, antiracist, queer and crip perspectives. This commitment is based what Astrida has called hydrofeminist ethics, but has been discussed in different ways by various scholars, activists, artists, and traditional knowledge holders. Without being too reductive (and respecting the important differences between these various positions), this basically means:

  • Always foregrounding that this work is happening on/with unceded syilx land. We are committed to constantly reevaluating and improving our differences and obligations, arising from our specific relationship to this place.
  • Acknowledging that the climate crisis is a symptom of human structures of power such as colonialism, heteropatriarchy, and capitalism. We are committed to highlighting the perspectives of those who are most affected, and most marginalized, within mainstream discussions of climate change – and acknowledging that their knowledge, ideas, and perspectives are what we need most.
  • Believing and embodying that humans are not separate from nature. Climate crisis is a planetary phenomenon, but we experience it in our bodies (differently). Our work highlights these ‘FEELed knowledges’ – embodied, sensory, interdependent and intercorporeal forms of knowing.
  • Every body has something to add to this work. We work towards collaborative forms of knowing and doing.

Because The FEELed Lab is still very much emerging, everything on this website will be revisited and revised, as our collective takes form.

The FEELed Lab is supported by the Canada Research Chair in Feminist Environmental Humanities.

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