Fire & Water: the first?

A gathering of trees welcomed a recombinant collective of knowledge keepers, volunteers, poets, players, thinkers, practitioners, participants, painters, deer, documentarians, story tellers, learners, teachers, the sound of spring freshet, clouds, and a fire–drenched eventually, for safety.

Unanticipated intimacies

On 18 March a small group of FEELed Labbers gathered online to read Quill Christie Peters’ essay “Kwe becomes the moon, touches herself so she can feel full again” – as always, out loud and together. It is a very sexy text, but not in a straightforward way. It is also challenging It took us… Continue reading Unanticipated intimacies

Elsewhere Participant Isabel Val: Thaw

[41.869513, 2.650965] My name is Isabel and I am an artist from and currently based in Barcelona. This weekend I took the opportunity to conduct a very intimate Fringe Natures event while visiting my mum. She lives in Santa Coloma the Farners. This town is located in a region called “La Selva” (The rainforest) due… Continue reading Elsewhere Participant Isabel Val: Thaw

A resting delay

On Friday February 18th Littoral Listening #3: Rest, was postponed. “I saw a world in which the sun and the moon shone at the same time,” begins the passage we would have read together.

Undergraduate Feature: A Field Guide to Taking the Alternative Route

The FEELed lab is beginning a blog series highlighting undergraduate work focused on intersectional and inclusive environmental humanities questions. The first undergraduate work we are featuring is Tatiana Lopez’s A Field Guide to Taking the Alternative Route. Tatiana made four posters that call attention to physically inaccessible parts of Kelowna. She is a fourth-year psychology… Continue reading Undergraduate Feature: A Field Guide to Taking the Alternative Route

the waking edge

When we, Astrida and Madi, were finalizing our plans for the 7 am FEELed Lab walk the following morning, we suspected we might get an audience of two (i.e. ourselves), if the rolled eyes and pained grimaces upon inviting folks for an early morning amble were anything to go by. That’s okay, we told ourselves.… Continue reading the waking edge



Last Friday we, the FEELed Lab, collaborated with ZOOM to host an intercontinental gathering of digitized humans for discussion of we the idea and various versions of associated pronoun anarchy. Some returned for this second round of Littoral Listening, having attended the first, some were drawn in by a metaphor in its early stages of… Continue reading we/us/ours