Unanticipated intimacies

A bright green skunk cabbage with a muddy and grassy background

On 18 March a small group of FEELed Labbers gathered online to read Quill Christie Peters’ essay “Kwe becomes the moon, touches herself so she can feel full again– as always, out loud and together. It is a very sexy text, but not in a straightforward way. It is also challenging It took us a long time to read. We were happy to be as few as we were.

Intimacy can catch us by surprise – like on a ZOOM call with a handful of strangers (to whom we are and are not connected) in a way that we didn’t expect. Intimacy might find us exposing a bit of our soft underbelly, and still feeling okay. Maybe part of the work of sex ecologies is to say: open.

A wooden sign with the carved and painted text in white letters stating WET INTERIOR TRAIL. Yellow and green autumn leaves are in the background.
At Woodhaven Regional Park on Syilx Okanagan territory in Kelowna, BC

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