Fire & Water: the first?

A fire pit with a big curved log and two smaller logs on fire. In the background is grass covered in wood chips and twigs.
A view from the ground looking up into a canopy of pine trees under a mostly cloudy sky.
One mostly cloudy Friday; the 13th of May.

A gathering of trees welcomed a recombinant collective of knowledge keepers, volunteers, poets, players, thinkers, practitioners, participants, painters, deer, documentarians, story tellers, learners, teachers, the sound of spring freshet, clouds, and a fire–drenched eventually, for safety.

Ten humans stand in a partial circle in a forest, one speaking with their hands while wearing a fabulous jumpsuit, the others listening, rapt. A fire pit overloaded with kindling stands prominent in the foreground.
Jumpsuit jazz (hands).

The recombinants recreated themselves.

A sketch of a person's face, floppy hat, and collars. The person wears large round sunglasses. Under the sketch the words "What's the relationship between art, science, politics," no question mark.

They did this without questions.

A deer stands between two buildings, one large, one small, in the forest.

Pausing first, to let the recombination settle.

A sketch of a person in a baseball cap. Beside the sketch is written: "Skalula became Sneena the owl. When the owl hoots at you, learn: slow down, take head. Skalua today is residential school... we are talking about identity that she gulps down. Healing hurts. transformation hurts. Change requires discomfort."

Greeting each other in their new forms.

Recombinant storied beings are always in the making.

And the note taking.

And the take breaking.

The sound and the sharing nourishes their recombinant natures.

They lend hands and join forces.

And they never pretend to not be pretending.

For they know the wisdom is not found in the ending.

In recombinant gathering questions and answers fold over each other at scales unpredictable, welcoming the push and pull of their intertwined cycles.

Nobody hid the shoes at the end of the party. Primarily because it was chilly and all shoes were secured safely on feet.

Two humans sit in folding chairs atop soil and in front of trees. They both hold beverages in reusable mugs and are dressed for chilly though well above freezing weather. One wears a red coat, the other black, both sit crossed legged and sport teardrop shaped name badges on their respective lapels.
Yazdan and Chhavi, friends of the FEELed Lab.

This gathering started as a seed, was scorched by flame, engorged by rain, and emerged as a day to remember and possibly to repeat. Not to repeat as fire and water repeat, cyclically and inevitably, but with the care and support a seed needs to grow. Should there be a next time it might be warm; do keep track of your shoes.

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