Seeding, weeding

An orange coffee cup next to a pile of green pulled weeds

When planning the most recent Fringe Natures session for the first Friday in May, we anticipated being deep into burstings and proliferations of the planty kind. It seems, however, that the seasonal turns here on unceded syilx lands have resonating with the FEELed Lab’s wish to go slowly and take our time with things – May 6 was chillier and less audaciously fecund than expected!

Yazdan, in a blue jacket and black pants, standing in the garden reading from a clipboard. Elana, in a floppy white sun hat and gardening gloves stands beside him looking more interested in the gardening.
Yazdan among the weeds, Elana in work mode!
Nancy stands beside her grandson as she reads one of her poems off a clipboard. The white blossoms of the plum tree and the early spring foliage provide a backdrop.
Nancy reading her weedy metres

Nonetheless the afternoon brought a warm break in the overhead grey and drizzle; the sun popped out and the FEELed Lab met Elana of the Food Forest over behind the EECO Centre to get our hands stuck into the dirt. We spent our time: learning about what to pull and what to let be; delighting in what to pull and put in a bag to bring home to make into tea; finding out what other gardeners might pull but we were better to leave be; listening to weedy poems and discussing what it might mean to have the weed be a mirror of the weed in me; writing about learning about these things in the form of small poetic lines of four two or three; and making plans for what’s next (wait and see!).

Chhavi kneels beside the argula path as she rubs brown dirt on her sketch of the leaves.
dirty drawing

Thanks Elana for the weedy inspiration and a great afternoon. (If you would like to volunteer at the Food Forest you can find out more at the RESES website!)

three pieces of paper - two with poems and one with a sketch - are pinned to a piece of wood outside the garden.
fruits of our labours

(PS, this post is a bit dis-ordered, finally finding its way to the page only after other big FEELed Lab May events no longer require close attention!)

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