The FEELed Lab at Woodhaven Ecoculture Centre

Welcome to the FEELed Lab at Woodhaven!

Last year, we FEELers were lucky to have spent some time in beautiful Woodhaven Regional Park on unceded syilx territory. This began with a walk around the park with Westbank First Nation councillor Jordan Coble and some of his colleagues last October. We also learned from the generous Land Care circle offered by Pamela, Grouse… Continue reading The FEELed Lab at Woodhaven Ecoculture Centre

DIY Methods Day at the Lab!

The FEELed Lab Fringe Natures zine among friends!

Over the past few months, the FEELed Lab has been participating in “A Mostly Screen-Free, Zine-Full, Remote-Participation Conference on Experimental Methods for Research and Research Exchange” – you can read more about this excellent initiative convened by the Low Carbon Research Methods group here. The FEELed Lab’s participation included, first, making our first zine! This… Continue reading DIY Methods Day at the Lab!

Fringe Natures #8: Lichen Love (What’s your commitment?)

Although the FEELed Labbers are mostly on summer rest, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to join forces with FCCS 2090 (no, that is not a typo) Woodhaven Artist-in-Residence, Tessa Zettel, to conjure up a bit of lichen love. Tessa was visiting sylix territories on behalf of the T. Rudzenskaite Memorial Amateur Lichenologists Society, which has… Continue reading Fringe Natures #8: Lichen Love (What’s your commitment?)

FEELings after one year at the FEELed Lab…

Fun and weird things are growing at the FEELed Lab.

As we close up shop for some summertime rest and downtime, we want to take a moment to reflect on a wonderful first year together, experimenting in this new infrastructure we call the FEELed Lab! I (Astrida) will speak for myself and say that I am feeling a few feelings! First, I would like to… Continue reading FEELings after one year at the FEELed Lab…

Elsewhere participant Renyu: Listening, Attuning

Below, Renyu, a participant in the Listening, Attuning summer symposium offers a reflection in response to the question: “how gathering/conversation with others across difference is a key research method” (Flash back) Day 1 I went to the chatroom, and seen strange anonymous postings… I interpret smile in wrong way/ maybe I don’t believe in feminism… Continue reading Elsewhere participant Renyu: Listening, Attuning

Seeding, weeding

When planning the most recent Fringe Natures session for the first Friday in May, we anticipated being deep into burstings and proliferations of the planty kind. It seems, however, that the seasonal turns here on unceded syilx lands have resonating with the FEELed Lab’s wish to go slowly and take our time with things –… Continue reading Seeding, weeding

Unanticipated intimacies

On 18 March a small group of FEELed Labbers gathered online to read Quill Christie Peters’ essay “Kwe becomes the moon, touches herself so she can feel full again” – as always, out loud and together. It is a very sexy text, but not in a straightforward way. It is also challenging It took us… Continue reading Unanticipated intimacies

the waking edge

When we, Astrida and Madi, were finalizing our plans for the 7 am FEELed Lab walk the following morning, we suspected we might get an audience of two (i.e. ourselves), if the rolled eyes and pained grimaces upon inviting folks for an early morning amble were anything to go by. That’s okay, we told ourselves.… Continue reading the waking edge