Slow Reading

This FEELed Note is the third in a series written by Natalie Rice, the FEELed Lab Researcher in/of/on Place this year. + + + Slow Reading  Norah Bowman’s book, “Breath, Like Water: An Anti-colonial Romance” has been buried in the earth for about a month now. This practice-based research is an experiment and I am… Continue reading Slow Reading

MEET US IN THE FOREST, as night falls…

This FEELed Note was prepared by FEELed Lab Research Associate Tara Nicholson. ‘I am seeking to explore a worldview that, speaking metaphysically, is ‘beyond the physical,’ yet, paradoxically, is deeply concerned with the matter of ‘nature’ and sentience.’ (Gothic Metaphysics, Alchemy to the Anthropocene, Jodey Castricano) On December 9th 2022 the FEELed Lab’s Fringe Natures… Continue reading MEET US IN THE FOREST, as night falls…

reading in-between

On Tuesday, December 13th, between five different times of the day, two different seasons, and can’t even imagine how many frequency channels across and beyond the internet, five of us met for the last Littoral Listening of the year. Five of us met to share and talk about that mysterious and in some way relieving… Continue reading reading in-between

Reading inconvenience

On 18 November a bunch of us gathered around the ZOOM screen for our seventh iteration of Littoral Listening, on the theme of inconvenience. Beaming in from five different countries, we amazingly fit into a very small space, always exactly the right number and the right people showing up. The space always feels both smaller… Continue reading Reading inconvenience

An emergent FEELed Library

The FEELed Lab’s new lending library is in the making! As part of Natalie Rice’s engagement with the FEELed Lab as Researcher in/of/on Place, she has been busy curating an exciting selection of books with many local authors on the shelves. We are accepting donations so if you have some material that you feel would… Continue reading An emergent FEELed Library

What’s Your Anthotype?


On October 26th I conveyed a ‘Fringe Nature’ event at the FEELed Lab at Woodhaven Eco Culture Centre, located on unceded syilx territory. Astrida brought the group together as we introduced ourselves to each other and this place, around a campfire on a warm autumn afternoon. Titled, ‘What’s Your Anthotype?’ this low-stakes, come-as-you-are activity was designed to… Continue reading What’s Your Anthotype?

The FEELed Lab at Woodhaven Ecoculture Centre

Welcome to the FEELed Lab at Woodhaven!

Last year, we FEELers were lucky to have spent some time in beautiful Woodhaven Regional Park on unceded syilx territory. This began with a walk around the park with Westbank First Nation councillor Jordan Coble and some of his colleagues last October. We also learned from the generous Land Care circle offered by Pamela, Grouse… Continue reading The FEELed Lab at Woodhaven Ecoculture Centre