The FEELed Lab at Woodhaven Ecoculture Centre

Welcome to the FEELed Lab at Woodhaven!

Last year, we FEELers were lucky to have spent some time in beautiful Woodhaven Regional Park on unceded syilx territory. This began with a walk around the park with Westbank First Nation councillor Jordan Coble and some of his colleagues last October. We also learned from the generous Land Care circle offered by Pamela, Grouse… Continue reading The FEELed Lab at Woodhaven Ecoculture Centre

DIY Methods Day at the Lab!

The FEELed Lab Fringe Natures zine among friends!

Over the past few months, the FEELed Lab has been participating in “A Mostly Screen-Free, Zine-Full, Remote-Participation Conference on Experimental Methods for Research and Research Exchange” – you can read more about this excellent initiative convened by the Low Carbon Research Methods group here. The FEELed Lab’s participation included, first, making our first zine! This… Continue reading DIY Methods Day at the Lab!

Fire & Water: the first?

A gathering of trees welcomed a recombinant collective of knowledge keepers, volunteers, poets, players, thinkers, practitioners, participants, painters, deer, documentarians, story tellers, learners, teachers, the sound of spring freshet, clouds, and a fire–drenched eventually, for safety.

Friday Funday

A week ago today the current Feel-ed Lab contingent, Astrida and Madi, and one adjunct member, Krusa Neimligers, met with Jordan Coble, Camille Rothkop, Coralee Miller, and Kayt Ell of Westbank First Nation. We gathered at Woodhaven Regional Park to reassure one another that we exist in three dimensions and collectively dream about possibilities for… Continue reading Friday Funday