Friday Funday

An autmnal forest path. The trees are green and yellow, and a figure is just discernible in the distance.

A week ago today the current Feel-ed Lab contingent, Astrida and Madi, and one adjunct member, Krusa Neimligers, met with Jordan Coble, Camille Rothkop, Coralee Miller, and Kayt Ell of Westbank First Nation. We gathered at Woodhaven Regional Park to reassure one another that we exist in three dimensions and collectively dream about possibilities for enlivened WFN leadership and participation at Woodhaven as a part of UBCO campus.

Six people walking along a forest path lined by tall trees on a sunny day.
The dreaming is almost audible.
Photo credit: Krusa Neimligers.

When do the birds sing and the bees buzz? Who might like to squirrel away with the squirrels (and bears and deer and flickers) for an artist retreat? What workshops might be held here for the community? How might we begin to listen to the needs of the creek that borders the park? These are the types of questions we are pondering.

Rights and title: this is syilx Land. May what happens at Woodhaven in the coming years contribute to the larger project of returning rights and title to those who have cared for and been held up by this Land for countless generations. This we can agree on.

We can also agree that Woodhaven is a beautiful place and a park with great potential for accessibility. Now, if only we could find a grant for the installation of an accessible compost toilet with handwashing facilities and a changing table… Or two.

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