Fringe Natures No. 1

An index card on which the wirds "a major body of water in the air" are written in a curved fashion and truning in to horizontal squiggily lines intended to depict water and or air.

on the 22nd day we met in the rain
and from Carney Pond we walked.
chatting in circle under the overpass,
successfully avoiding the splash.

Five people standing underneath an overpass
An index card on which is written "the things they will do to water, love, choice, the things you have." Next to the text a swirl has been drawn with two arrow points on either end.

water. honey.
viscosity from high to low.
under the trees or beside the horse,
whatever be the flow.

An index card on which the word "brave" have been written in capital leters in pancil and above a sketch of a heart.
An index card on which the words "braid their breathing across bodies into care" are written in block capitals in pencil, below a faint trace of a braid has been sketched.

chitter chatter, chitter chatter,
say the red winged black birds up ahead.
we didn’t meet them that day,
for schedules and rain made for a slower pace instead.

An index car on which the words "now? none of us are clean" are written above a sketh of a "lifestraw" with a $19.97 price tag from

circling once and again,
not quite holding hands,
but with allied open hearts.
the constituency grew
to more than a few
for the duration of this start.

An index card on which the word "ttoughing is written" in the middle in light green pencil crayon and surrounded by a sketch of plants, honeycomb and water.
An index card on which the words "the dark bleeds out" are written above a black pencil sketch of a heart that is dripping.

we promised food, which did not make it through,
though the tea flowed three in kind.
by this blog we swear,
the snacks were there,
just not at the front of our minds.
why you ask,
well, it’s simple to see.
your renderings captivated our energies.

An index card on which the words "se the part of yourself that you want to avoid, you have to see it" are written around a sketch of a leaf in green marker.
An index card on which the words "or do it at a time when people are remebering love" are written above a sideways sketch of a heart in green marker.

my the constituents continue to ebb and flow,
weather permitting, or not.
next time we gather it’ll be colder,
though hopefully around something hot.

An index card on which the word "enough" is written surrounded by plant shetches in purple pen.
Foliage in greens, purples, yellows, deep red. On the left, there is a sliver of a pond.
An index card on which there are varous squiggles drawn: an enthusiasti cirlcle, some stars, waves, and droplets.

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