Alongside the Dark

Human in in warm clothing crouches next to a pile of kindling and in front of a fire pit in which they are building a collection with which to start a fire. The pit is located in the middle of a metal ring on grass in a forest with a dirt road ringing the patch of grass.
first a fire pit
A pair of human legs and the end of a long jacket stand in front of a fire pit full of kindling ready to be lit.
filled with architectural wit
just one match
it lit
A group of humans dressed in warm clothing stand around a fire pit, lit, in a forest.
joined by friends
some new
some from way back when
Two humans sit in front of a fire pit, one playing guitar, one listening. Others join from outside the frame.
gifted gratitude
requested and requited
One human in a warm coat but no hat reads from a book of poetry to other humans around a fire pit.
returned in poems
A manorah burns six candles next to the fire put, while one person's face is illuminated across the circle and another reads aloud from their phone.
gathered by a crepuscular fringe
stories and ceremonies rooted in many Lands
warmed by the trees of this place
and by open hands.

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