Last Friday we, the FEELed Lab, collaborated with ZOOM to host an intercontinental gathering of digitized humans for discussion of we the idea and various versions of associated pronoun anarchy. Some returned for this second round of Littoral Listening, having attended the first, some were drawn in by a metaphor in its early stages of life, and others joined for the first time out of curiosity.

This particular assemblage of we listened with, through, amongst, and in-between Leanne Simpson’s song/poem “Viscosity,” Juliana Spahr’s poem “We,” and Alison Stone’s “The Body’s Small Pleasures,” a poem brought into the conversation by Eve. A we can be made of intentionality, specificity, the haphazard layering of coincidences, overlapping ideas, identities, interests, or inheritances. We’s take shape and dissolve with or without consent given by the constituent I’s, who, are always already we’s in and of themselves. Now, imagine translating all of that into another tongue, script, Land.

To those who were there, thank you for becoming the FEELed Lab’s we with us and bringing your constituent we’s into this ongoing discussion. Always in hindsight are there additions to be made to a program. For the interested, the New Yorker radio hour recently aired a conversation between poets Kevin Young and Amanda Gorman in which they wonder towards and muse around questions of we.

A stand of leafless aspen trees under a blue sky with white fluffy clouds and standing amongst dry grasses. One in the foreground having been felled by a beaver.

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