the waking edge

When we, Astrida and Madi, were finalizing our plans for the 7 am FEELed Lab walk the following morning, we suspected we might get an audience of two (i.e. ourselves), if the rolled eyes and pained grimaces upon inviting folks for an early morning amble were anything to go by. That’s okay, we told ourselves. The important thing about social art practice is that it happens – however many participants show up!

Imagine the delight when we were joined by five other humans! Whether it was the crisp dawn air or the strange allure of “feminist queer anticolonial Balderdash,” who knows, but we spent the next hour, slowly traversing the riparian path of Mission Creek, asking and pondering strange and not-so-strange answers to questions like “How many genders are present here?” (favourite answer: Yes!), or “How do the cottonwoods know it is time to send out new buds?” (favourite answer: word-of-mouth).

This month nobody took us up on the offer to participate remotely, but this is now a standing feature of all of our Fringe Natures events: if you like the sound of it, but are unable to join us, send us an email at! We will send you something back so you can explore fringe natures with us, from where ever you are.

See you in March for Thaw!

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