DIY Methods Day at the Lab!

A yellow zine called "Fringe Natures" sits on a pile of many multicoloured zines in different format and styles.
The FEELed Lab Fringe Natures zine among friends!

Over the past few months, the FEELed Lab has been participating in “A Mostly Screen-Free, Zine-Full, Remote-Participation Conference on Experimental Methods for Research and Research Exchange” – you can read more about this excellent initiative convened by the Low Carbon Research Methods group here.

The FEELed Lab’s participation included, first, making our first zine! This was part of our last Fringe Natures event of the 2021-2022 school year. FEELers and friends of the lab gathered in June to co-created this small publication. This was also an opportunity to reflect on what we had done at these events over the year, and how they were meaningful as a kind of research method. Check out our zine (including a full alt-text version of it) here. Thanks especially to Yazdan and Chhavi for assembling our various contributions and communicating with the conference organizers.

Next-gen ziners and FEELers

The next phase of participation occurred on 19 September: we threw open the doors at our new Lab premises in Woodhaven Ecoculture Centre for a breakfast-and-zine party! FEELers and new friends stopped by to read through the paper copies of the zines (all collected here digital form as well) and submitted our thoughts and reflections through Twitter – you can check these out by searching #DIYMethods on that platform. (Why not give @FEELedLab a follow while you’re there?)

Jalapeno bread, pumpkin loaf and struesel cake for breakfast!
Ade sits in the reading nook looking at his phone, with a zine in his lap.
Ade definitely looking up something very important on his phone.

Zines, feelings, and homemade rhubarb struesel cake: what a nice way to spend a Monday morning. Thanks everyone who stopped by!

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