Elsewhere Participant Isabel Val: Thaw

[41.869513, 2.650965]

My name is Isabel and I am an artist from and currently based in Barcelona.

This weekend I took the opportunity to conduct a very intimate Fringe Natures event while visiting my mum. She lives in Santa Coloma the Farners. This town is located in a region called “La Selva” (The rainforest) due to its lush vegetation and all its subterranean waters. Sometimes they take the shape of a river or a natural spring, but mostly they are not that visible. Even though, they know their way into the sea.

We did our listening after a much needed rainy day.

I approach this invitation with an open mind, curious about what how the thaw sounds would work in our surroundings, as there are no visible meltings here. What I can report is that it had a truly magical effect. To walk and listen to the thaw sounds was like having a stethoscope allowing me to listen into the inner organs of the land and the mountains.

It felt both magical and evident.

It made me connect with all the unseen processes that are going on. Not only in the land but within myself. I could listen to my own waters and feel my hard edges melting as I walked. I could feel how spring is around the corner and so it is the end of my inner winter.

After our listening walk, we sat on the ground and my mum told me about her experience. She also felt her inner waters melting. She connected with the circle of life and, while walking, she understood in a very profound way how, as much as we are willing to accept our cycles we will be able to make space for real joy and pleasure in our lives.

Thank you.

Note from the FEELed Lab: Isabel’s work can be found at her website and on Instagram.

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