Working on Site at the FEELed Lab (Woodhaven Ecoculture Centre)

Two desks under a window, and part of a desk in the foreground. An office chair, several posters, and reading materials are also visible. A colourful carpet is on the floor, and a white ceiling slopes down to two windows in a dormer.

The FEELed Lab welcome affiliated researchers to the lab space at Woodhaven Ecoculture Centre.

This includes use of a desk in an open office area, a shared kitchen, a toilet, wifi connectivity, and the outdoor space surrounding the centre. The Lab also has a large meeting table in the kitchen, a partially covered balcony/deck, a reading corner with two armchairs, and a small library. Desks are shared with other researchers, but lockers are available for you to store research materials (you must bring your own small size padlock). A separate clubhouse/schoolroom (with electricity but no winterization) can also be booked for research activities. A private office can be made available, e.g. for ZOOM meetings or other private conversations, upon request.

You can be an “affiliated researcher” if:

  • You are working as a researcher on a FEELed Lab project
  • You are convening a FEELed Lab event sometime this year (e.g.workshop, Fringe Natures gathering, Littoral Listening session)
  • Your research is in line with the ethos of the FEELed Lab and you would like to be part of this community.
A wide angle view of a sunny day in front of the two story wood building that is Woodhaven Ecoculture entre. In the foreground three students lean against trees and lie in the grass, writing in their notebooks; one student is walking with notebook under arm. The trees are twice as tall as the building, and a bright sun shines in the background, illuminating the bright green grass and the cyan blue sky.
Working at Woodhaven

FEELed Lab affiliates working at Woodhaven will contribute to the Lab by

  • caring for this place and this community
  • participating in our events (when possible)
  • participating in our Annual General Meeting (date TBA)
  • sharing thoughts, ideas and reflections through at least one “FEELed Notes” post about your research and how it might connect to and enhance FEELed Lab aims (we will help and support you in this!)
  • agreeing to the guidelines for working at Woodhaven Ecoculture Centre (posted here) and undertaking a short orientation on your first visit. These normally take place on Mondays or Wednesdays can be arranged by emailing Astrida at

At present, the FEELed Lab has capacity to accommodate up to 10 researchers.

If you would like to become a FEELed Lab affiliated researcher with workspace at Woohaven, please indicate your interest by sending an email to Astrida at indicating: your name and contact details; a short description of your research/project and why you would like to be a part of the FEELed Lab.

Applications are accepted throughout the year, as long as we have capacity.

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