Littoral Listening #1

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LITTORAL LISTENING #1: “In case you wanted to save the planet…”

Friday 5 November 2022 3 – 4:30 pm PST

Rivers and streams give life and shape land: “to become the body    a welling spring    eternally renewing” (Armstrong, 2006). Here, it is the Okanagan watershed and the streams that flow into the Okanagan river (lakes and channels included) that we have to thank for our becoming bodies. As imagined terrestrial beings of feet and lungs, we will read into the space where land and water meet and animate each other: “the matter and energy. only understood through its impact” (Gumbs, 2021). We will then come together on ZOOM, read the two central poems out loud as a refresher and welcoming, and facilitate a reflective conversation on the organizing theme in case you want to save the planet.


Armstrong, J. (2006). Water is Siwlkw. In R. Boelens, M. Chiba, & D. Nakashim (Eds.), Water and Indigenous Peoples (Vol. 2, pp. 18–19). UNESCO.

Gumbs, A. P. (2020). In Case You Wanted to Save the Planet. Transition, 129(1), 46–54.

All are welcome to join. We will plan to be together for 1.5 hours, though you are welcome to come or go to meet your needs.


Up close shot of a pond with long yellow leafy grass falling into the water in the bottom right corner. There is a reflection of trees in the water and more grassy plants under water.
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