The FEELed Library

A close up of the spines of 7 books including Okanagan Women's Voices, Empire and Environment, Okanagan Geology, Arborophobia, and others.

Nestled in beside our reading nook, the FEELed Lab has a FEELed Library!

As part of her work as our Researcher in/of/as Place, Natalie Rice has been curating a collection of books, featuring local authors and places, as well as other titles relevant to our work here.

Please drop by to borrow a book – and tell us what you thought!

Stay tuned for more information about a library-related workshop in April, and an invitation to regular reading/walking/tea-drinking drop-in’s at the lab, coming soon.

A red velvel chair sits under a window, through which snow-laden trees are visible. To the right of the chair is a bookshelf with books; to the left, a yellow lamp is warmly glowing.

CURRENT LIBRARY HOURS (until 30 April 2023)

Tues* & Thurs :: 9:30 am – 3 pm

*Join on on Tuesday mornings for FEELed Reading collective quiet working sessions!

or by appointment (contact us @feeledlab on Instragram or

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