Researcher- in/of/on- Place

FEELed Lab Research Associate, “Researcher-in/of/on-Place” (1 position)

From September 2022, the FEELed Lab will be tending and animating a physical space at the Woodhaven EcoCulture Centre, which is located on unceded Syilx lands in south-east Kelowna. This space includes research offices, a networked meeting room, a small library, kitchen, and a variety of outdoor spaces including a feral garden. Like all places that we work, live and play in, we want to care for the place, animate it with ideas and interactions, respond to the needs of the beings and bodies that have been here forever, learn more about it, and think about our responsibilities in being here. Our research home is not just ‘blank space.’

To help inspire us in this work, the FEELed Lab will employ a part-time research associate. Research activities will include:

  • In discussion with the FEELed Lab Director and other researchers, conducting site-specific research about the FEELed Lab physical space & surroundings and writing a series (approx. 4) of research blogs showcasing the results of this research (training & mentoring will be provided)
  • Helping grow, tend and manage the FEELed library and related on-site resources (a small budget will be provided)
  • Assisting to convene one workshop/open house (Spring or Summer 2023) to support others to learn more about this space.

This  research associate will receive a research stipend of $600/month, October 2022 to May 2023, with the possibility of renewal. This stipend includes an expectation of 4 hrs/week (average) research contribution.

This position is suitable for a student or community-based researcher with an interest in artistic and practice-led research methods, and issues of place, settler/migrant-syilx relations and responsibilities, accessibility, multispecies relations, and more. This research will take place at the FEELed Lab’s Woodhaven EcoCulture Centre office, where workspace will be provided. Please think about how you would get there (bike, bus, car, foot) approximately once a week.

If you would like to apply for this Research Associate position, please send an email to the Director of the FEELed Lab at, including:

  • A brief cover letter (1-2 paragraphs) describing why you are interested in this position and outlining any previous experience you have (e.g. courses you have taken, volunteer, paid or community work, writing or research experience, etc) that might be relevant. This includes experience or interest in feminist, antiracist, decolonial, queer and accessible approaches to environmental issues.
  • Your CV

We will begin reviewing applications on September 15, 2022, but the call will remain open until the research associate position is filled.

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