Fringe Natures #5

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POSTPONED! Sadly, due to unanticipated personal situation, we will have to postpone Friday’s event. We are not giving up on the idea of sexy MadLibs, though, so please stay tuned for a rescheduled occurrence!

What: The FEELed Lab invites you to gather around the fire for an after-school game of sex ecologies-themed MadLibs®. Taking inspiration from the word game popular (at least in California elementary schools) in the late 1990s, the FEELed Lab team will ready a series of sex ecologies-themed phrase template texts, which we will fill in and read out loud together during this gathering. We will have tea and snacks available for grazing.  

Day: Friday 

Date: April 1st, 2022 

Time: 15:00 (3:00 pm) to 16:30 (4:30 pm)  

Where: Woodhaven Ecocultural Centre  

What to bring: weather-appropriate clothing (this event will be outside!) and a mug for tea (optional). 

How to get there: Woodhaven is located in Kelowna’s lower mission neighbourhood. The Ecocultural Centre, located here, abuts Woodhaven Regional Park and can be accessed via bicycle, bus, or personal vehicle. 

If cycling or driving, approaching from Gordon Drive, turn west onto McClure and then south (right) onto Raymer Road. Once on Raymer Road, there are three turns—east (left), south (right), and east (left)—that will take you to the end of the road which, even after all of that turning, is still called Raymer. Where the asphalt ends, Raymer Road becomes an unmarked gravel path navigable by most bicycles. While the path is wide enough to drive a small car though the trees, parking at the centre is limited. Please park at the end of Raymer and walk up the path (unless you must park inside for accessibility reasons). 

If you wish to travel by bus, BC transit route 17 begins at H2O Centre and drives south. The stop closest to Woodhaven is 870 Block Gordon Drive, from which you can access a wooden bridge over Bellevue Creek that exits onto Raymer Road approximately 200m west from its end, where the aforementioned path begins. In total, the walk from the bus stop to the Ecocultural Centre is approximately 500m. 

Please be advised that there may be a significant amount of botanical debris on the path. Pedestrians and cyclists heed caution. The path meanders approximately 300 metres to the Ecocultural Centre buildings.  

This event will take place rain or shine – we have access to shelter in case of rain. Please note that the toilet on-site is up one flight of outdoor stairs. Chairs will be available for everyone. We will conduct the gathering in a COVID-safe manner, allowing for distancing and wearing masks when inside or if in close proximity. Hand sanitizer will be available.  

Elsewhere participants: The series of sex ecologies-themed phrase template texts compiled for this event will be available for download here once they have been prepared. We welcome you to re-jig and reiterate the above-described gathering and would love to hear about any Fringe Natures co-events that happen elsewhere. In particular, if you could document such experiences (via photo, sketch, short video clip, written reflection,etc.) to be shared via our FEELed Notes blog, this will help us to begin building the FEELed Lab a tentacular chronicle. Please feel no pressure to do this, the invitation will remain open. 

Fringe Natures is an occasional outdoor event series hosted by the FEELed Lab. These events invite deep curiosity about who, and where, we are, and what the heck we are doing here. All FEELed Lab events strive to be feminist, anticolonial, queer, and accessible spaces! As we move toward increasing the accessibility of all our events, please le us know if there’s anything we can do to accommodate your specific needs.  

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