Fringe Natures #6

Fuzzy willow up close with branches and a blue sky in the background


Read about our experience at Seeding here

WHEN: Friday 6 May, 3-4:30 pm

WHERE: The Food Forest (behind the ECCO centre) on 2363a Springfield Rd. Ample bicycle racks and car parking available. If you are taking public transportation, the 11 bus (Rutland) stops outside of the centre.

Spring is springing, and guess what rhymes with seeding? Why, weeding of course! Join the FEELed Lab at the EECO Food Forest for conversation about the political, emotional, ecological and cultural dimensions of doing weed-work. Meanwhile, we will get our hands a bit dirty (weeding, planting clover seed), listen to some weedy poetry, and try our hand at some simple composition in ode to weeds, too.

Participants will also be invited to bring home bundles of thyme, oregano, sage, lemon balm, or anything else the garden is plentifully offering at the time.

This event can be enjoyed while sitting, standing, or gently moving. Accessible toilets are located a short distance away.

PLEASE BRING: Appropriate apparel (jacket, windbreaker, hat – weather dependent!) and if desired: gardening gloves (bare hands are also okay, if you don’t mind), a trowel (small gardening shovel), and a kneeling (weeding/planting) mat. Please also bring your own mug! Tea and light snacks will be provided.

Instructions for “elsewhere participation” will be posted here a few days before the event.

Fringe Natures is an occasional outdoor event series hosted by the FEELed Lab. These events invite deep curiosity about who, and where, we are, and what the heck we are doing here. All FEELed Lab events strive to be feminist, anticolonial, queer, and accessible spaces!

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