Fringe Natures #8: Lichen Love (Special Summer Edition)

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WHEN: Thursday 28 July, 10am-12pm
WHERE: Woodhaven Eco Culture Centre

The T. Rudzinskaitė Memorial Amateur Lichenologists Society & the FEELed Lab invite you to a special co-hosted ‘Fringe Natures’ gathering based around lichen love poetry. This convivial amateur workshop will be led by the Society’s co-founder, Tessa Zettel, visiting from Gadigal Land/Sydney (Australia) as Woodhaven’s 2090 Artist-in-Residence.

Together we’ll deepen our familiarity with lichen-kin by trying out some exercises in close inspection and close reading of/with lichen in the area around us. Participants will have the opportunity to collectively decipher lichen lyrics, compile and share love poetry to lichen, and offer potential contributions to the Society’s forthcoming expanded re-issue of their iconic anthology Love Letters to Lichen (2043).

As always, the Society welcomes new members! If interested, send an email to:

“In cosmic co-becomings!”

More info on the Society here:
More info on Tessa Zettel at:

Bring: Pens and paper that you like to write or draw with, comfortable shoes, a hat, any magnifying glasses or hand lenses you happen to own, and any photos or drawings of beloved lichen. If you have on hand favourite examples of writing (yours or someone else’s) – poetry, prose, song etc. – either about, around or with lichen, please bring them along too!

If you are unable to join us, but would like to participate remotely in our lichen love poetry activities, get in touch with us at We will send you a version to try out in the presence of your own local lichens! 

Fringe Natures is an occasional outdoor event series hosted by the FEELed Lab. These events invite deep curiosity about who, and where, we are, and what the heck we are doing here. All FEELed Lab events strive to be feminist, anticolonial, queer, and accessible spaces!   

The T. Rudzinskaitė Memorial Amateur Lichenologists Society has for over seventy years been dedicated to promoting the love and study of lichen in this galaxy and beyond. Since 2018 its growing membership of multispecies co-constituents have conducted myriad curious forms of research, happenings and publications, collectively exploring speculative narratives and rituals around extinction that take lichen as guide, teacher, poet and friend. In 2090 the liveliest of its many enthusiast-led working groups are the emergent Crystal Radio Lab, and the Metta Verse Mutual Aid Space Program, along with its subsidiary Space-Time Fab Lab.

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