Littoral Listening #3: postponed

Read about our rest and recuperation as we chose to postpone this conversation!


Hello fine and fringey folks of near and far. Due to an unexpected need for recuperation this event has been postponed. Please join us for the next Littoral Listening, at 15:00 PST on Friday March 18th, for a conversation about sex ecologies.

Friday 18 February 2022  3 – 4:30 pm PST 

These days it feels like every body is exhausted; where can rest and reprieve be found? In what cycles and situations does the red-hot fire of ‘go go, do do’ subside and become interlaced with “the red flames of when a fire is burning in a cozy room” (Kincaid, 1983, p. 79)? How might we listen for and with the beings and becomings that both require and provision rest?  

All are welcome to join. We will plan to be together for 1.5 hours, though you are welcome to come or go to meet your needs. 


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An excerpt (to be determined) from the following podcast episode:

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