The FEELed Lab yard with tall trees and a gravel driveway with the word craft-a-strophe across in cut out magazine letters

[from craft: making, doing + strophe: part of a poem]
Where crafting, poetry, and climate change come together.

WHEN: Friday, May 12 2023, 12:30 – 3 PM

WHERE: Woodhaven EcoCulture Centre

WHAT: Join us at the FEELed Lab for a morning of FEELed Lab merch-making and rest-related poem reading. We will supply coffee, poems, and materials if you bring your hands, brains, and voices. This time, we will be making tote bags and attaching the fabric patches we made at the last CRAFT-A-STROPHE to them. Stick around after CRAFT-A-STROPHE for Fringe Natures #11: Resting Together, led by Metis-Settler student (and FEELed Lab administrator) Dani Pierson.

The Poems

Coming soon!

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