The bow of a ship moving through a blueish grey ocean. A tilted hoizon with a cloudy sky is in the background.
The Spoil Grounds, image courtesy of Therese Keogh

From January to April, 2023, Therese Keogh will be based at FEELed Lab, working on a series of writing experiments that extend from her research into excessive, residual and toxic geographies. The Spoil Grounds is an offshore dumping ground, an extractive waste pile, a submerged landmass, an orientational device, a collective coagulation, and a textual imaginary. Therese will divide her time between writing, reading, cups of tea, chats, and collaborative exchanges, using her time at FEELed Lab to think closely about extractive sites and material manifestations of settler colonial land relations in Australia and BC.

During her time at FEELed Lab, Therese will also host a monthly writing workshop—Written Together—with enthusiastic participants from different fields of thinking/making. If you’re interested, follow this link for more details! You can see more of Therese’s work at, and read more about Therese’s research at

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