the waking edge

When we, Astrida and Madi, were finalizing our plans for the 7 am FEELed Lab walk the following morning, we suspected we might get an audience of two (i.e. ourselves), if the rolled eyes and pained grimaces upon inviting folks for an early morning amble were anything to go by. That’s okay, we told ourselves.… Continue reading the waking edge



Last Friday we, the FEELed Lab, collaborated with ZOOM to host an intercontinental gathering of digitized humans for discussion of we the idea and various versions of associated pronoun anarchy. Some returned for this second round of Littoral Listening, having attended the first, some were drawn in by a metaphor in its early stages of… Continue reading we/us/ours

Littoral Listening #1

On the fifth of November 2021 the Feel-ed Lab held the first of a string of gatherings by the name of Littoral Listening. As a low-stakes come-as-you-are reading group, Littoral Listening is a gathering space for being intentional about listening together and separately. Like the littoral, a habitat of land and water, at each of our edges we meet, ebb, flow, and articulate our mutual inextricability: sharing digital space and corporeal time.

Friday Funday

A week ago today the current Feel-ed Lab contingent, Astrida and Madi, and one adjunct member, Krusa Neimligers, met with Jordan Coble, Camille Rothkop, Coralee Miller, and Kayt Ell of Westbank First Nation. We gathered at Woodhaven Regional Park to reassure one another that we exist in three dimensions and collectively dream about possibilities for… Continue reading Friday Funday


At Woodhaven Regional Park on Syilx Okanagan territory in Kelowna, BC

Welcome to The Feel-ed Lab, that is slowly becoming a thing. I moved to Syilx territory (from Sydney, Australia) in February 2021 to become part of the exciting research and teaching community at UBCO. Something like “The Feel-ed Lab” was already incubating in my imagination, but upon arrival, it seemed clear that this might be… Continue reading Gathering