Elsewhere participant Renyu: Listening, Attuning

Below, Renyu, a participant in the Listening, Attuning summer symposium offers a reflection in response to the question: “how gathering/conversation with others across difference is a key research method”

(Flash back) Day 1

I went to the chatroom, and seen strange anonymous postings…

I interpret smile in wrong way/ maybe I don’t believe in feminism anymore/ It is frivolous to be here, I have so many deadlines. +1 +2 +3

these are not my words, I wonder who posted them.
I was like, you spoiled kid! Or if you are tired, why make a fehss?
I have not been in school for long time, since 2008, that is 14 years ago.
I’m sensitive to authoritative voice, and this one is not.

(Do you have any worries or concerns?)
I am struggling with not have words to voice things that I am struggling with.
I came a bit overly-prepared, on the top of not really sure…

(And these are) end days

mind warm with feelings, of Laura’s clay smashing, tearing, eating up nutritious and empowering furies; Madi’s brilliant finds in between dreaming and awaking, that “rest” missing out in call for paper; Joanne!s fire set on racist history; Lyb’s neuroemergent and property correlations; Fei’s field trip with artist to find bees; singing together to stop porridge; and A’s offering, grabbing ice,
feel it melt away.

I cried, missing everyone, giving/receiving so much love and support.

(If you ask me what happened in between I will say)

Holding place for secrets, fears and desires
in care
we grow

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