food feelz

A picnic table outside, laden with vegetable, salad, rice, hummus, cookies, and more. The legs of someone standing nearby are visible.

For many Lab regulars, Tuesdays are the best day of the week. Or, at least the day with the week’s best food.

A table taken from a top-down angle, covered in food such as crackers, lentils, caramel flan, homebaked bread, and more.

In a rather unplanned manner, Tuesdays have become ‘group lunch’ day at the lab. At first, we simply brought our own lunches and ate together, sitting around the kitchen/meeting table. Then ,someone brought a pot of soup big enough to share. Next someone else brought a loaf of bread their partner had baked. Someone else made hummus. And someone baked cookies! Someone else found some sad vegetables in the back of their fridge and transformed them into a pasta salad … and it was delicious. We’ve also shared favourite childhood junkfood, local oddities, and family standards. But there is no pressure to spend big bucks at the store or long hours in the kitchen; every contribution is appreciated and every item generates a story.

Along the way, we have discovered many noteworthy things, such as: Dani makes the best cookies; one can get a surprisingly wide variety of cauliflower-based dips in Canada; making sushi is especially fun when you sneak a couple of Cheetohs and Doritos in alongside the carrots and avocados; everyone wants Rina’s recipes; and rutabega is a highly underrated vegetable.

A cutting board with rutabega sticks. The discarded peelings of the outer rutabega are in a bowl beside.

We all know that food is about more than calorie-fuel for bodies. Food is comfort, and stepping out of your comfort zone, too. Food is nostalgia, and adventure. Food is community. Eating together is a way to learn about each other, the places that have grown us up, and the values that we have absorbed, ingested, and sometimes transformed into something new.

A close up of several cheeses and part of a homebaked loaf of bread. A figure's arm reaches across the table in the background.
A glass bowl from above, with rice, vegetables and freshly chopped dill.

This term is drawing to a close, so our Tuesday lunchtimes sadly are too. But we will let you know which day we will be lunching together next term; why not stop by with your own favourite lunchables, so we can get to know you better, too?

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